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Six ways to win your social media strategy

Every business today, regardless of size, has a social media page. Social media has made it easy for brands to connect with their customers on a local and global scale. However, engaging effectively with customers has become every business’s biggest hurdle on top of having to manage the plethora of platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, etc.). The mission to get customers’ attention has become increasingly difficult as they are flooded with options. In fact, crafting like-worthy content is no longer as easy as it used to be because consumers no longer liked to be “talked” at. They want to be engaged. Businesses need to have a strong social strategy. Here are some things we have learned a lot the way since the beginning that we thought it would be good to share with another business owner, like yourself. Read on to learn how to make your brand ace its social strategy.

Image credits: Unsplash | Jeremy Belanger
  1. Be interested in your audience.
    • You only get what you give, the wise adage by New Radicals. Set aside an hour each day to socially engage with your target audience. Comment on their new product launch, like their photos and be active and helpful in relevant Facebook communities. Why? Because you are a trustworthy source. Your audience will appreciate your human touch and gain a deeper insight into the audience you are serving. A “like” or “comment” is the very start of your interaction with your audience, it can potentially nudge your audience to take a look at your business and learn more.
  2. One account at a time.
    • It is tempting to create an account for all the social media platforms out there but there is a downside, it can be tiring to handle so many platforms at once. You need to be mindful of the amount of time and manpower you can put behind each account. Be consistent and contribute to the account that you think will best showcase your brand. Leverage your existing strength. If your engagement is the highest on Facebook, continue building your relationship until you are able to expand to other platforms. Rotate your content, and post a healthy mix of video, link posts, images, and GIFs. Sometimes it pays to follow the fad, but tread carefully.
  3. Be proud of your achievements.
    • Share your customer reviews. Let the world know the good work that you have done. No doubt it is scary to open your business up to criticism, but revealing your customer reviews is one of the top ways to gain trust. It shows credibility. New customers who may not have heard from your brand will likely read the reviews you get on your page. Get customers to give you a shoutout on their social. When it comes to unhappy customers, you are able to learn how to improve their experience. It is an opportunity for you to learn how to serve your customers better.
  4. Be generous, and provide deals.
    • Thank your loyal followers for supporting you. Keep your current audience happy by hosting special promotions, sales, and giveaways that are meant for them. Make them feel appreciated for being a loyal follower. One piece of advice – do not complicate the contests. Keep them simple and transparent. It makes it easy for your followers and you to do the fulfilment. Do keep in mind your budget and your intention whenever you run campaigns.
  5. Be quirky.
    • You are your very own brand. No one can replicate your identity. Be proud and embrace your brand’s inner weird. Join in on real-time conversations and provide your opinion. Let your audience know there is a human behind the business, other than just a name. The world is your oyster. Think outside of the box with your newfound freedom. 
  6. Make your content share-worthy!
    • Now that you’ve gotten their attention, you need to nudge them to share the love. This is where packaging comes in handy! What’s on the outside counts because it is the first impression. Remember the last time you met someone for the first time, what was the impression? How important was it? The same goes for the packaging of your product. According to a study published by Retail Minded, 52% of online customers reported that they would purchase from the same company if their orders arrived in custom packaging. The most striking way to set your packaging apart is through complete custom branding. This can be as simple as having your brand’s logo printed in black on the sides of a standard cardboard box.

At FixGuru, we encourage our customers to print their branding on their packaging. After all, it’s free real estate on the packaging. We make your life easier by designing custom packaging online for your boxes upon request.

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