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FixGuru is here to help you craft the ideal unboxing experience – from small boxes to large printed packaging boxes or anything in between.

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R4 Carton Box

Item R4 External Size – 30.2cm (Length) x 20.6cm (Width) x 20.5cm (Height) Internal Size – 29.7cm (Length) x 20.1cm

R8 Carton Box

Item R8 External Size – 25.0cm (Length) x 25.0cm (Width) x 15.2cm (Height) Internal Size – 24.5cm (Length) x 24.5cm

R9 Carton Box

Item R9 External Size – 30.0cm (Length) x 30.0cm (Width) x 15.2cm (Height) Internal Size – 29.5cm (Length) x 29.5cm

S1 Carton Box

Item S1 External Size – 31.2cm (Length) x 15.2cm (Width) x 22.6cm (Height) Internal Size – 30.7cm (Length) x 14.7cm

S2 Carton Box

Item S2 External Size – 32.2cm (Length) x 22.2cm (Width) x 24.2cm (Height) Internal Size – 31.7cm (Length) x 21.7cm

S25 Carton Box

Item S25 External Size – 25.8cm (Length) x 25.6cm (Width) x 26cm (Height) Internal Size – 25.3cm (Length) x 25.1cm

S3 Carton Box

Item S3 External Size – 30cm (Length) x 29.8cm (Width) x 25.7cm (Height) Internal Size – 29.5cm (Length) x 29.3cm

S4 Carton Box

Item S4 External Size – 25.2cm (Length) x 17.2cm (Width) x 30.2cm (Height) Internal Size – 24.7cm (Length) x 16.7cm

S5 Carton Box

Item S5 External Size – 25.0cm (Length) x 25.0cm (Width) x 30.2cm (Height) Internal Size – 24.5cm (Length) x 24.5cm

T1 Carton Box

Item T1 External Size – 35.4cm (Length) x 35.4cm (Width) x 35.4cm (Height) Internal Size – 34.9cm (Length) x 34.9cm

T2 Carton Box

Item T2 External Size – 15cm (Length) x 15cm (Width) x x 26cm (Height) Internal Size – 14.5cm (Length) x

T3 Carton Box

Item T3 External Size – 30.0cm (Length) x 30.0cm (Width) x 20.2cm (Height) Internal Size – 29.5cm (Length) x 29.5cm

T4 Carton Box

Item T4 External Size – 40.0cm (Length) x 40.0cm (Width) x 20.2cm (Height) Internal Size – 39.5cm (Length) x 39.5cm

T5 Carton Box

Item T5 External Size – 35.0cm (Length) x 25.0cm (Width) x 20.2cm (Height) Internal Size – 34.5cm (Length) x 24.5cm

XH22 Carton Box Document Box

Item XH22 – External Size – 60cm (Length) x 34cm (Width) x 14.8cm (Height) Item XH22 – Internal Size –
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